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Northwest Data Services´ consultants can help you optimize your new or existing computer systems. We analyze every aspect of your network, including:


symantecNetworks not only need to be protected from viruses and hackers coming in from the internet, but also from unauthorized local access. This includes making sure that sensitive files can only be viewed certain users.


Creating a network that users can count on to work day in and day out using such technologies as RAID hard drive arrays, internet connection fail-over´s, and backup domain controllers (BDC´s).


Few people can afford to upgrade all of their computers every time a new version of Windows is released. This results in networks composed of computers with multiple operating systems (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, etc.) that need to work together seamlessly.


Putting a backup plan in place that will allow for a quick restoration to its previous state in case your computer or server ever fails.


Making sure that your business has the right technology in place to optimize the efficiency of its users.

If your organization has specialized computer needs, one of our consultants will be able to assist you. At Northwest Data Services, our client base includes banks, medical offices and HIPAA regulations, real estate agencies, insurance companies, retail point of sale (POS) systems, restaurants, educational facilities, and government institutions.


netgearWith Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and CompTIA Network+ certified individuals on our staff, Northwest Data Services is ready to build your network from the ground up. We have experience building various types of networks from large offices, to wide area network connections between your home and office using virtual private networking (VPN), down to small 2 computer home networks. We will even run data cabling for networks at your new building or in your existing location.

Wireless networks are emerging as a viable solution not only for mobile laptop users, but for places where network cables are difficult to run. Our technicians can setup your wireless network, and ensure its security from unwanted access.

Our multi-tenant solutions will allow you to split your internet connection among separate offices in the same building. We can throttle and meter individual tenant´s bandwidth and create virtual local area networks (VLAN´s) to keep each office´s network private and secure.

Northwest Data Services can also troubleshoot and fix problems with your existing network.